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HOTEL MERANO *** | via Dante Alighieri, 29 | 37010 Castelletto di Brenzone (Verona)
Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) - ITALY
Phone +39 045 74.30.127 / +39 045 74.30.935 - Fax +39 045 74.30.127 -


P.zza Olivo - Castelletto di Brenzone /sul Garda (VR) - Tel 045 7430402

TRATTORIA dal SARSISSA In a suggestive, in the heart
between tradition and courtesy
you can enjoy our specialties:

- Pasta made in house
- Grilled meat (the Parilla)
- Fish Lake Roasting

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Ristorante da Umberto

Via Imbarcadero 15 - Castelletto di Brenzone / sul Garda (VR) tel 045 7430388

Ristorante da Umberto Hospitality, courtesy, protection of land and its traditions are a few simple but full of meanings, just as is the warm bread that made each morning, as traditional pasta all'uovo that seasoned with a drop of olive oil and courteous sincere smile as you welcome each day.
Keeping alive all this is our small
Monday, March 02, 2009, 18:25

Ristorante la Fassa

Via Nascimbeni 13 - Castelletto di Brenzone sul Garda (VR) Tel e Fax 045 7430 319

Ristorante la Fassa "We can not do great things,
but small things with great love. "
(Mother Teresa)

A meeting with the board, in a territory rich in flavobetween past and present, tradition and attention to modern taste, local food and personal invention, a simple kitchen, and attentive care to live-and live-,
to the rhythm of the seasons, new and old flavors.
The olive-great story of a little fruit, fish, lake and inland products Garda marry on our plates becoming protagonists, leaving space to the sea fish and meat with proposals to meet the diverse needs;
accompanying a wide selection of wines, local and regional, and foreign.
All this among the tables of the terrace, just steps from the lake, a magical charm in blue and silent trees. In the autumn the veranda is heated and allows you to taste the dishes, once again, admiring a landscape that knows how to spell.
Spacious rooms are added, with the possibility of banquets or ceremonies.
Are then attached to the car park, garden and jetty with mooring, private.
Tuesday, March 03, 2009, 16:00


Magugnano di BRENZONE / Lake Garda (VR) tel tel. 0039 0457 420 477

ROSTORANTE da GIULI Cradled taste dishes unique to the "sound" waves of Garda, Giuly makes the restaurant one of the most evocative of all the bank veronese.

The distance from the road, the kindness of staff and the attention to detail make lunch and dinner a moment of real pleasure for the palate and spirit.

The interiors are characterized by the typical places of long ago: the floor tiles, solid wood beams on sight and an innate taste in the choice of paintings in matching games and lights.

All dishes, prepared with deft skill by chef Vittorio De Paulis, and a head game Palanti Maximilian, are distinguished for their kindness and care in presentation


Via Imbarcadero 31 - Casteleto di Brenzone / Sul GARDA ( VR )Tel. 045-7430702

OSTERIA al PESCATORE L'Osteria "Al Pescatore" It looks to corner the small port, which is moored in the old and colorful fishing boats that once sailed the lake several lengthy theories of declining networks for fishing for carp, Lavarella, trout, sardines during the day ... and night, summer and winter. Today, fishermen have decreased, but the lake is still generous, offering the long arc of every kind of fish ... for the pleasure of the most refined palates. Our kitchen offers the pleasure to enjoy tastes and smells that now seem forgotten. Our dishes are prepared with the same care and with the same ingredients for a time, according to the ancient tradition of the old fishermen Garda.
Our dishes are created by the discovery of the oldest recipes of the lake, the great culture "poor" of our ancestors, their love for the tradition and history of the place. The only ingredients are, next to the fish, our extra virgin olive oil and flavorings that nature offers nell'orto home. Nothing! A combination of natural flavors and natural ...


Via Paina 17 - Malcesine (VR) Tel 045.6584064

RISTORANTE al CORSARO Al Corsaro is splendidly located at the foot of sheer rock walls leading up to a lakeside castle. It is here, between the beach and the old quarter of the town of Malcesine, between the waters of the lake and the cypress groves of the headland, that a new restaurant has been opened which is destined to become a byword for lovers of lake fish and those eager to discover its taste. This veritable culinary treasure of Lake Garda, forgotten for decades, has been restored to its rightful place thanks to the intelligence of restaurateurs such as Mario and Roberto, who together with Barbara and Roberta have made an elegant art of dining, a professional vocation which will open new doors of discovery to all those who take their places at the tables of Al Corsaro.


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